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Woods Bagot Tottenham Court Road Vision

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1 Woods Bagot Tottenham Court Road Vision on Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:35 pm

Woods Bagot Tottenham Court Road Vision

These images are the first tentative glances of architects Woods Bagot vision for Tottenham Court Road in central London.

Well known as one of the busiest through fares with the infamous Centre Point anchoring one end of the road and Euston Tower, the other, the street pavements were originally widened in the 1960s for traffic improvements that were never realised.

The current result is an underused streetscape that is often hostile to pedestrians and fails to take advantage of the space that the changes in the sixties freed up.

Described by the architect as an attempt to "revive it with a linear infrastructure of street furniture," their plans foresee the introduction of canopies of heights and lengths along the pavement that will gently undulate in height as the street progresses complimenting the existing tree lines.

These canopy zones will fit around the trees so that in a sense the trees with the shelter their leaves offer, at least in the summer, become a cohesive part of them.

The varying canopies can also accommodate things from bus stops to coffee stalls and phone booths allowing them to adapt around the current uses whilst removing the street furniture that clogs Tottenham Court Road at present. Integrated lighting will be fitted to the canopies allowing them to also be lit at night.

The architect hopes that stone benches will also be installed to try and bring a feel of continuous piazza along the street to rival the café friendly cities of Europe.

These aren't the only plans for the area. There's long been an expected overhaul of Centre Point and Renzo Piano has had his nearby St Giles Court go through the planning system. All added together they might succeed in making Tottenham Court a nicer place to be.

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