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1 First Post! on Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:22 am

Hi there people.

I'd like to open this forum - or perhaps start the forum - by saying thank you to Kevin Rudd for supplying us with the benefits of technology in these modern ages by providing us Year 9 students and staff with personal laptops.

I can already imagine the benefits of the laptops that will be supplied in the near future. All subjects, English, Maths, History, Science, PDHPE, Art, Geography, IT, Commerce, etc etc. Will benefit greatly from this technology. What used to be millions of pages of working out in maths is now few buttons away on the computer. What used to be flicking through hundreds of pages in dictionaries will now be a few buttons away on the computer. And finally, what used to be backbreaking textbooks on shoulders will now be a few buttons away on the computer.

But with advantages, come disadvantages. Students are already beginning to think of schemes or perhaps plan non intended uses for the laptop. Of course, this will happen in just a matter of time, laptops will be used for social activities, gaming, pirating, and possibly even hacking. But of course, these laptops are designed for education and hence are locked down with security. Comprehensive security. Tamper-proof screws, internet filters, BIOS locks, GPS trackers, passwords to logon to the computers, and so on.

With that I'd like to end the introduction. Let the forum begin!

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