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This site, Youtube, Teachertube & others are all blocked!

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I got my laptop six days ago, and had little trouble getting online at school and at home. However, for the last two days I've been unable to get internet access at school, even though the computer tells me I'm connected. A colleague with exactly the same setup in the Internet Options-Connections-LAN Settings window is having no such problems.

I get internet access at home with no problems, except that this site, Youtube, Teachertube and others are all blocked! My colleague has the same problem.

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Check the LAN settings configuration script - this will need to be the same as all other machines at school.

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Well something similar here. I have no worries at home and was using you tube and dowloading from kick you tube like a mad woman then all of a sudden it has all stopped. also have trouble with internet access at school. thought it was just our wireless stuff not working properly. the plot thickens. LUcky i got what i didi whan i did. some great animations on contgraception and shild birth. Basketball

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4 Now TaLE is blocked as well!! on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:17 pm

simonborgert wrote:Check the LAN settings configuration script - this will need to be the same as all other machines at school.

I'm 90% certain that it is, but will check again tomorrow.

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Well, none of the three people with new laptops in my staffroom can now get on to the internet using our local wireless. People in other parts of the school are getting on okay. None of us changed any of the settings in the LAN setup thingy, and we were getting onto the internet okay early last week.

JT wrote:then all of a sudden it has all stopped. Basketball

JT, do you mean those sites are now blocked?

I saw some helpdesk phone number somewhere in the welter of literature, but now I can't find it. And who knows when we'll get our TSO.

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6 you tube downloads on Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:42 am

The site itself is not blocked and kick you tube which converts files for downloads still works. my laptop itself will not allow any more downloads from home internet connection. Now that may be because i was down loading like a woman posessed and have used up all my gigs for this month. but i am a little suspicious. I will know more after the 23rd when my account renews. then we will know if it is a laptop department issue or my problem.
Basketball Havent tried to get on at school again. will have another go this week. Basketball

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Have you tried re-starting your machine onsite?

I find my machine quite regularly refuses to connect properly to a visible network, with no real reason. (Often, in these instances, when I try to shut down or restart, the laptop hangs on Logging Off... and I end up pulling the battery after a couple of minutes. )

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alisa.williams wrote:Have you tried re-starting your machine onsite?

Many, many times. Evil or Very Mad

Is pulling the battery out really an option? I can't see how that would make any difference.

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Getting on the internet ok at school now.

The problem with blocked sites, however, remains. Every teacher with a DER netbook at my school has the same problem, viz, Youtube, Teachertube, the SMARTboard help site and many others, including this one, are blocked!!

Does nobody else have this problem?

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Youtube works fine for me at school at home with DER Laptop

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me too, someone has fixxed the problem. which is good. Basketball

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