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What's the go with virus protection on these laptops?

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There's some Microsoft Forefront thingy (can't check it because I have to use my mac to write this) but I'm not allowed to do anything with it (eg update, etc) and as a result I have a taskbar icon that is filling up with ominous messages re matters that need my attention.

At first I (and others) explained it away by guessing that the laptop's security was somehow being magically handled by "head office", but I've just re-read the info that the dept. put out for parents and it specifies that the laptops' antivirus /antispyware software is MS Forefront.

I conclude that my laptop is unprotected. Do others have the same issue, and am I drawing the right conclusion?

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Once the T1 devices are re-imaged they will get updates (virus, windows and software) automatically while connected to the DER wireless.

Remeber that these devices have rolled out early with a release candidate version of windows so that teachers can explore the devices prior to sudents getting them. As such there can be expected to be some teething problems - not all the infrastructure is installed in schools yet.

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