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I'm thinking of buying a usb tablet from aldi for $60

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This isn't a complaint but I don't know where else to post it (do we need a new section Duane?)

I'm hoping to use it in conjunction with the Smart software and a data projector for maths. Also, it may help to enter mathematical symbols into word processors etc.

Has anyone any experience with such devices working with the new laptops?

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G'day mark,

(Geeeeez why don’t people reply? Rhetorical question…..) confused

Hmmm sounds good and the price is right but.................

Not sure if you will need to install software driver which is a NoNo/Heartbreak in DERlaptopland.
Also the driver will probably not go nor be available for Windows 7. Sad

I'm an accessory junkie but bear in mind that the more gear attached, the more crap you need to plug in/out, lug around etc etc. scratch

My best suggestion Idea is to take your charged (and turned on logged in) DER laptop to Aldi ….and when the staff are busy (peak hours) or staff absent (after hours)….. find an already unwrapped unboxed (those blister packs are really annoying but nothing a retractable razor blade can’t slice (when unretracted)) and ‘plug and play’.

If it works, please get one for me willya? Wink

regards vincent

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Preliminary findings:

-No installation necessary (for my purposes, anyway).

-Handwriting recognition is amazingly good (but not something I need).

-Math Input (look in the Accessories folder) is a hopeless joke. A pity, as this is the main reason I wanted a tablet.

-Using it with the SMARTboard software and a data-projector is looking like a potentially very fruitful direction.

I will play some more and report later.

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My Vista Pad tablet from WOW works fine with DER laptop - drivers no issue - it was about $100

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5 Another tablet on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:53 pm

Yesterday I had a go of a friend's 2-year old Wacom tablet. No installation was necessary. It was smaller than the Aldi tablet, about the same footprint as the netbook itself, which makes it a better candidate as far as portability is concerned. It has a much more slippery surface and requires a different technique, but I'm sure I could get used to it.

Simon, how big is yours? Laughing

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I have no idea what you are talking about but is sounds good. can you direct me to a website so i can have a look, i am one for gadgets Basketball

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