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“Netbooks for small dummies” or there must be a detachable keyboard (and I’m the only one that can’t find the release button to detach it from the monitor….)

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Dear those-few-not-totally-smitten-with-the-new-DER-netbooks,

Sorry for the lack of whinging but I got busy teaching, marking, report writing etc etc. Rolling Eyes

Now I’ve written my last report and looking for a pick-me-up and found it in “ A parent’s guide to spinal health and laptop safety”. (APGTSHALS)

I was very interested in this DET doc as I had previously thought that “Netbooks were developed initially for catching up on email ‘on the run’ and definitely not for sustained ‘all day’ use – hopefully OHS issues will be adequately addressed in DET training. ” as per my "Re: Software/Laptop Dummy spit....and an interim solution of sorts……".

In APGTSHALS under the heading ‘Mouse’ it states “Instead of using the small constricted touchpad or trackball, if available use an external mouse”. Sensible suggestion and I have already complained re the small dimensions of the netbooks (beats me why DET keeps wanting to call them laptops). Hopefully students or parents of same will see the sense in this and purchase a mouse.

Under the heading ‘Keyboard’ it states “Position the keyboard so their forearms are parallel to their thighs when their feet are flat on the floor”. Hmmmmmm – sounds reasonable but…..

Under the next heading ‘Monitor’ it states “Adjust the screen so that the top is at your child’s eye level. This will reduce the need to bend their head forward….” THIS is where I have a problem visualising the correct position of the forearms at the keyboard with the correct position of the eyes with the monitor with a 10 inch monitor in a netbook and a normal sized Year 9 student. Please someone send me a link which shows me an image which clearly shows the netbook monitor and netbook keyboard correctly aligned as per the DET recommendations .......scratch

OHS? Have an Outstanding Holiday Season! rendeer


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Well i have attached the lenova to a flat screen monitor and bought a wireless keyboard as i am working on it all day so i am set with an ergonomically sound workstation with the laptop sitting at the back attached to everything. Basketball

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